TTC StEEL is a company that produces and distributes steel sections and complete structural steel by Quality Control

The purpose of the business is to be a manufacturer and distributor of steel sections. and all types of structural steel such as steel, angle steel, round steel bars, deformed steel bars, solid square steel. Square steel pipe/box steel (zinc/black),

flat steel pipe (zinc/black), black steel pipe, C-shaped steel (zinc/black), flat steel, I-beam steel, H-beam steel, wide-frank steel, sheet steel, white shaft, pipe. Plumbing, sink pipes, patterned steel sheets, steel pole sheaths, wire steel, white sheets, zinc sheets, black sheets,
we have focused and given importance to every step of steel production.

To ensure that every product that is distributed to our customers Have quality and meet international standards as well as maintain quality and continuously develop the quality of products and services.



We are The Leader of
StEEL technologies

  • To be a leader in the production of quality steel sections with international standards and fast and impressive delivery for everyone, every use, from every area.

  • Aiming for businesses to reach sustainable environmental management standards.

~   MISSION   ~

  • Continuously develop and train personnel To ensure that such personnel will be able to
    produce products. and provide quality service and according to the specified standards

  • Control and reduce the number of complaints from customers
    To meet customer satisfaction as much as possible.

  • Develop the production process to be as efficient as possible to produce products
    within a short period of time. To continuously deliver to customers on time.

  • Manage costs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Continuously inspect and develop and improve the operational processes of every department.

  • Continuously recruit personnel in environmental management and organizational development.

  • There is a system of environmental control standards within the scope and
    scope of the organization and continuous improvement of the system.

  • Be responsible to both internal and external stakeholders who have an
    impact and are being affected by the organization's environment.

  • Bring technology or find alternative energy To reduce the use of resources
    and reduce environmental pollution problems.

  • Responsible for relevant laws By controlling, monitoring and acting in accordance with the law.



“ Committed to development, maintaining standards, service with heart, moving forward together. Keep up with digital Cut back on unnecessary things. Focus on results, manage problems, work together to overcome them, and select good people. ”


T.T.C. Steel 2016 Company Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of steel sections. and complete structural steel Give importance to producing quality products. Be aware of environmental responsibility in conducting business for sustainable development. by senior executives and all employees are committed to complying with the following environmental policies.


Obey the law Regulations and other environmental requirements

at the company strictly related To control and reduce environmental impacts.

Consideration of
environmental impacts

Practice protecting water and electricity resources and preventing noise pollution. Including sewage arising from operations which may affect the environment both directly and indirectly.

Minimize the impact
on the environment.

Improve and develop activities, products, and services that have an impact on the ecosystem to have the least impact on the environment.

Environmental support
and Promote

Support and encourage environmental activities both internally and outside the company There is public relations training. including energy conservation.

A well organised team results
in a successful project

With a dynamic, inspiring and innovative studio environment, we deliver creative, beautiful and functional design solutions for each project.

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